About Us

Celia Bertoia of Fine Art Appraisal grew up with a well-known Mid-Century artist/designer father, Harry Bertoia, and thus mingled in art circles for most of her life. Her grandfather, William Valentiner, was a renowned art historian, museum director, and collector of European impressionist art, exposing Celia to more art facts and original art in her youth than most people see in a lifetime. It was in 2010 when Celia sold her Montana race timing business and took over the Harry Bertoia legacy, once again immersing herself in the art world.

In addition to the family influence, Celia has taken all appraisal courses required by the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and has achieved accreditation as an Accredited Member (AM) of the ASA. She has taken and abides by USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice), an appraisal ethics course. She was also selected as one of two small businesses in Montana to attend a national SCORE conference gratis in 2013, learning much about marketing, legal aspects, client relations and copyright issues.

Celia is qualified to authenticate Harry Bertoia artwork, as well as appraise most modern art. She was a real estate broker in Colorado for over a decade; much of that knowledge is transferable to the art genre. Celia will help you evaluate your situation, and will hold high standards of integrity and objectivity to complete your project.

Fine Art Appraisal is the only company in Montana that complies with the high standards of ASA (American Society of Appraisers, see http://www.appraisers.org/). It is ideal to perform a physical property inspection for an accurate valuation. If you live near Bozeman, we can definitely help. If you are not in the area, we may be able to work with hi-res electronic transmissions.