What we need from you:

  • Any records or documents you have regarding the art, including purchase receipts, insurance schedules, certificates of authenticity, reports of history, pertinent photos of art in historical settings, previous appraisals (this will help us do our job more efficiently and thoroughly)
  • Any oral or other accounts of provenance (the chain of ownership)
  • An honest representation of your situation, including the identity of the legal owners and why you need the appraisal (different situations require different assessments of valuation)
  • Notice of any possible problems foreseen, such as trouble getting into the inspection area to see the art, or getting permission from a co-owner, etc.
  • Proper lighting and heating of inspection area (i.e. a cold dark storage unit is usually NOT workable), ideally with art consolidated in one area
  • Art available for inspection, i.e., NOT in a crate or hung 20’ high, etc.
  • A deposit of estimated 50% of the fee, and full payment before we submit the appraisal report (to avoid any potential value-related price fixing)
  • Agreement to use the appraisal only for the intended use because different uses require different approaches and evaluations

What we provide to you:

  • Initial assessment of your situation including whether or not you need an appraisal and if so, what type of appraisal
  • Complete discussion of needs, the process, the fees and what to expect so that there are no surprises, plus a follow-up letter reflecting the terms of engagement
  • Full inspection of art with measurements, photographs and examination of materials while handling art as carefully as possible
  • Disclosure of any impediments or problems
  • Objectivity, thoroughness and integrity in discovering the value of your artwork
  • Comprehensive appraisal report outlining the market, history, a description, the data, the logic and finally a summary of the value of your art
  • Invoice outlining hours worked and tasks performed
  • Updating of report, if necessary, within 3 years for a modest fee (usually $100)